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Conceive it


It may be; a problem, a business opportunity or a new way of addressing an established mindset in the way we approach certain challenges - that lead to the conceivement of a brilliant idea...


Or is it brilliant? Or even approachable. Can it be realised? Will it perform or outperform or possibly fail? Can it be sustainable in all aspects? Throughout its life..., and afterlife?

Our projects are sometimes generated from inside - and sometimes these develop into stand-alone new companies - see                                                           Sometimes we are approached by someone with an idea.., or a problem! At Mentum, we aim to generate bursts of innovative conceptual design solutions to support rapid concept identification and optimisation through the application of advanced engineering and technology.


We see challenges typically triggered by a combination of unforeseen events such as:

  • The ned to solve a completely new problem

  • A requirement to radically improve the performance of an existing product

  • Market opportunities arising from new exiting breakthrough technologies

  • Need to reduce costs to improve profit margins and competitiveness

  • New regulations and legal framework


When struck by such challenges, companies often experiences difficulties at the concept generation stage of the process and will benefit from a fresh pair of eyes viewing the problem from a different perspective in order to generate new ideas or to pursue different avenues and directions. Our rapid concept identification and optimisation process based on experience, applying advanced engineering and technology methodology aim to generate conceptual design solutions in collaboration with you. 

We provide conceptual 2D drawings, 3D models, photo-realistic rendering, viritual modeling and animations in well known software formats for efficient communication bringing brilliant ideas to the next step in the product development chain.  

Let us know about your idea to discuss how Mentum can assist in realising it!​


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