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Patent it


The importance of securing Intellectual Property/ Intellectual Property Rights may arrive from different and not always equally obvious needs. Developing and maintaining patents, trade marks and registered designs require resources and are expensive. Sometimes we work with customers with no real strategy related behind their desire to patent. You really should have one!


The most obvious reason to secure your innovation though an IPR process is likely to ensure that the results of your activities are disseminated and exploited to your benefit to the greatest extent possible.

Sometimes IPR consists of layers carefully developed to strategically protect a wider aspect than the product itself. This may be to demotivate or discourage competition and/ or to highlight company assets. 


We have comprehensive expertise and experience in providing IPR strategies and development. Mentum have drafted a large volum of patent applications and are well familiar with related issues and the cost-benefits of being able to select the right patent- and trademark attorneys and to comunicate the novelty of the innovation accurately.   


Our services cover: 

  • Assistance and advice in the development of Patent Applications, in particular those incorporating new technologies and processes that are difficult to describe

  • Development of IPR strategies and identification of appropriate markets

  • Evaluation and Proof reading of the proposed IPR

  • Specialist technical advice in relation to potential infringement of existing IPR

  • Interpretation and presentation of technical IPR into layperson terms to aid understanding


Please feel free to contact us to discuss how we can help you with the above services.

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