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Ours mission is to aid and support sustainable engineering developments and worthwhile emerging innovative technologies from conception through to market introduction. We are passionate about sustainability and particularly within the energy, environmental and maritime sectors.  

Innovation (/ɪnˈveɪʃ(ə)n/):
...,Man-made change in value-creating activities /… development and application of new and better ideas / launch a new product, application, service, market adaptation or organisational form to create economic value. A new idea or invention does not become an innovation until it has come to practical application...
Innovation is crucial to the continuing success of any organisation. It acts as a catalyst for dynamic growth and drive business through present and to the future marketplaces. Innovation can evolve from market research, end-user feedback or simply from thin air. Once it arises, it is essential to nourish it carefully.



Seek expert and legal advice to assess and exploit development challenges, commercial potential and to secure intellectual property rights.


...,Imitation of a situation or process. To imitate, mimic, create or recreate a situation, process or event. The term is also used to calculate models that mimic a greater or lesser part of reality...








Simulation is virtual conformation and testing.  It allows imitation of a real-world innovation by utilising models to represent the nature of the subject under consideration. Conventionally, experimental approaches are used to provide data sets and to validate computer simulation techniques. Such current techniques are extremely advanced and able to significantly complement the experimental work.



The goal of simulating is to prove the commercial viability of the innovation.

Realisation (/riːəlʌɪˈzeɪʃn/):
..., the achievement of something desired or anticipated. An actual form given to a concept, work, product or service. Put into life; realise / realise ambitions / exploit to the fullest.
Realisation occurs when goals of pure research and development efforts are achieved and a successful outcome is realised. At this stage, the focus of the work aims to refine the proposed concept to prototype demonstration level.


Previously validated simulation studies can be scaled up, prototype manufacturing techniques can be utilised and prototypes can be brought to life with integrated electronics and control systems.

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