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Extensive experiences from the maritime sector in particular on issues related to the environmental impact of maritime operations, have provided us with up-to-date insight on this sectors current primary challenges. We have worked with a wide range of stakeholders and are capable of understanding their respective targets and needs being from the commercial or from the regulatory sector.


We have assessed environmental impacts as well as working conditions related to ship recycling and provided input to intergovernmental organisations in their work to enforce the principles of decency as well as sustainability to the required processes. Our work have generated white-papers and reports as well as risk methodology and assessments for industries, aithorities as well as NGO's.  

Mentum have a long relation to the challenges associated with the spread of non-native aquatic organisms by discharge of ballast water and fouling from ships hulls. We have provided as experts in the negotiations related to establishing the IMO Ballast Water Management Convention and its development over many years. Mentum also developed one of the pioneering technologies to combat ballast water as a vector for the spreading of harmful aquatic organisms. We have also helped and assisted industries in both developing technologies as well as establishing strategies in relation to both ballast water and hull fouling management. 


Mentum has been engaged in the development of the international strategies associated with emission-to-air topics including NOx, SOx as well as CO2. More recently, we have been involved in assessment of new fuels for ships - electric fuels such as green Hydrogen and Ammonia.         

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