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Sometimes we get a little carried away and a good idea evolves into something bigger. Quite a few of the concepts and ideas emerged from Mentum, has grown into independent companies. In the following - you can learn a bit more about these!  

Sea-Lix AS

Sea-Lix was co-founded by us in 2012 following the development of a flexible contra-rotating in-line turbine concept. It can be configured for potential energy applications or for kinetic applications. Quite soon we identified water distribution networks as more promising initial markets. The company have since developed products for energy harvesting from surplus pressures and autonomous monitoring for water utilities. A Smart Water company!

OceanSaver AS

OceanSaver - the first ever Ballast Water Management System (BWMS) applying oxidation by electrolysis as treatment process - to be granted IMO and US Coast Guard approvals. We developed the technology when we were called MetaFil and with ambitions to deliver environmental solutions for the maritime sector for emissions to air as well as for the ship recycling sector. MetaFil changed name to OceanSaver and we established Mentum!



Radical Filtration Ltd.

Radical Filtration is a technology resulting from experiences and ideas grown from working with sea-water treatment in a very cost-sensitive market place. We basically combined pre-filtration and electrolysis into one process.... Radical Filtration Ltd. was born! 

MossHydro AS

MossHydro came along as a consequence of absence of appropriate large capacity single unit micro-filtration systems. Then we combined that idea with our knowledge on corrosion and materials. MossHydro utilises manufacturing synergies by producing filter housings in parallel with the manufacturers main product which are pressure vessels in Duplex steel qualities. Smart production!

InNano AS/ NanoAtten AS

First we established InNano to develop Advanced Oxidation Processes for water treatment combining ultraviolet radiation and photolysis. Then we discovered the potential of photolysis in combustion processes. We also learned quite a bit about the potentials in nano-engineering in particular with regards to modifications of surfaces. NanoAtten focuses on the application of plasma-vacuum deposition methods for coating large and complex industrial structures! 


SYNQ is something very different... We thought we were industrialists, however inspired by the rapid and seemingly everlasting growth and development of media, media-formats and their use, we got caught up looking at the way this industry manages video and metadata formats.

Trying to change well established ways of doing things are difficult. So is establishing structure when there are none. SYNQ is taking this on introducing its disruptive technology. Say goodbye to infinite mail threads on video- and metadata formats, file transfer solutions and slow data transfers.

InBallast AS

Realising the comprehensive knowledge we hold related to recent and upcoming challenges facing the shipping industry driven by the awakening in this sector reflecting the sustainability-revolution and thus to its environmental footprints (and there are many!)


InBallast was founded as a vehicle to offer support/ consultancy in the public as well as the commercial sphere of this industry. We do cover the areas of recycling, ballast water and fouling as well as emissions to air.     

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