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Material Science; We have knowledge on the subject of advanced surface treatment. We can provide extremely hard surfaces - we can manipulate surface energy and make them hydrophobic or hydrophilic; Reducing drag/ preventing corrosion and improving wear-properties.

 Our deposition capacity include plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition - PECVD. 

A lot of our work relate to corrosive environments. Stainless steels may corrode. Sometime the right material quality may not be available in the desired shape or form. Weaves for filters are one such material. 

Filter-screens of high quality stainless steels may have an expected life-time of 2 - 6 months! Thats just not acceptable. We can make it last 10 times longer - or even longer than that!  

Accelerated corossion testing (CASS)

Screensample corroded.png

Untretaed sample - 6 hours exposure 

screen sample InNano.png

Treated sample - 360 hours exposure 

PECVD Plant for Complex structures

PECVDReactor for filter screens.png
screen samples - 3 InNanocoated.png

Processed test-samples of various characteristics 

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